Quick Answer: What Is The Standard Size Of A Kitchen Sink??

Setting the Standard

The average kitchen sink measures 22-by-30 inches.

While the front-to-back dimensions of the sink remain standard due to the size of most countertops and cabinets, the width of different types of sinks can vary dramatically.

How do I measure for a replacement kitchen sink?

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How are top mount sinks measured?

Place your straightedge ruler or your level across the top of your sink. Use your tape measure to measure the deepest part of you sink basin to the bottom edge of the ruler. Write down the depth. If you have an undermount sink, be sure to measure the height from sink to countertop.

How do you measure a sink for a countertop?



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What is the best size kitchen sink?

The most common base cabinet sizes for new construction is typically 33-36 inches. Larger kitchens can accommodate 33-inch and 36-inch sinks. These sinks come in a single bowl or double bowl. If you have a lot of space for a large sink, you might want to also consider a prep or bar sink to cater to point-of-use needs.

What is the size of a standard double kitchen sink?

The standard width for a double bowl sink is 22 inches. However, double bowl kitchen sinks can be as wide as 48 inches. The bowls can be equal size or the sink can consist of one basin that is several inches wider than the other basin.

How far should a sink be from the front of the counter?

Position the template on the counter where you wish to install the sink. Measure 2 inches from the front edge of the countertop and make a mark. If the fascia trim already has been installed on the counter, or the countertop has been laminated, the measurement should be 2 3/4 inches.

How far should a kitchen sink be from edge of counter?

Counters should be 24 to 25 inches deep (that is, the distance from the edge of the counter to the wall or backsplash).

How is kitchen sink bowl depth measured?


  • Place a straight-edge across the top of the old sink.
  • Insert a ruler into the sink, and position its bottom end beside the drain.
  • Measure from the bottom of the sink to the straight-edge to get the depth of the sink.

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