Quick Answer: Is It Safe To Wash Baby In Kitchen Sink??

Zablan says that while some people may think that sinks are unsanitary, as long as you are washing your sink out daily, especially after exposing it to raw meats, you should be fine.

If you use a harsh cleaner like bleach or Lysol, make sure to rinse it down well so that the residue doesn’t irritate your baby’s skin.

How do you bathe a baby in the sink?



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Do you need to rinse off baby soap?

Rinse the soap off and dry your baby: Soap left on your baby’s skin can be irritating. Rinse off all of the soap. Squeeze water onto his skin or use a container to pour water on his body.

How do you shower with a baby?

When you bring your baby into the shower for the first time, introduce him gradually and position yourself so the stream of water won’t hit his head and face. Keep a small, dry towel nearby to wipe his face if he gets upset when it does get wet or if soap gets in his eyes. And limit the shower to just a few minutes.

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