Quick Answer: How Much Does It Cost To Build A Kitchen In A Restaurant??

The price of installing or building a small commercial kitchen is between $15,000.00 and $100,000.00 but can go much higher depending on the menu and need.

How do I start a restaurant kitchen?

Here are 9 way to make your restaurant kitchen run more efficiently:

  • Listen to Your Employees’ Feedback.
  • Streamline Your Menu.
  • Create An Employee Manual.
  • Set Up an Efficient Inventory System.
  • Don’t Discount Human Communication and Talent.
  • Create Specific Work Stations in the Kitchen.
  • Assign Daily Prep to Someone You Trust.

What equipment is needed for a restaurant kitchen?

Sometimes a new restaurant has a fabulous location, but a small kitchen space, which dictates the kind of kitchen equipment needed.

Kitchen Equipment List

  1. Range.
  2. Oven.
  3. Grill.
  4. Deep-fryer.
  5. Reach-in cooler.
  6. Walk-in cooler.
  7. Freezer (either a chest, upright, or walk-in)
  8. Sauté pans.

Can you put a commercial kitchen in your home?

For information about laws in your state, go to www.cottagefoods.org. As your business grows or if your state prohibits making food for sale from home, you’ll need to use a commercial kitchen. In smaller towns, you may be able to rent commercial kitchen space from restaurants, community centers and churches.

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