Quick Answer: Can I Spray Paint My Cabinets??

To spray paint your cabinet doors and drawers, you’ll want to set up a work area, preferably outside or in a basement or garage.

Once the primer has dried, you can spray on two coats of paint, but make sure to wait for the paint to dry in between each coat.

What is the best paint sprayer for kitchen cabinets?

5 Best Paint Sprayers for Kitchen Cabinets – Reviews

  • Wagner Flexio 590 Airless Paint Sprayer – Top Pick.
  • HomeRight Finish Max HVLP Spray Gun – Best For The Money.
  • Wagner Control Spray Double Duty HVLP Paint Sprayer.
  • Graco TrueCoat 360 Kitchen Cabinet Paint Gun.
  • PaintWIZ PW25150 Cabinet Paint Sprayer.

How much does it cost to spray paint kitchen cabinets?

The national average cost to paint standard kitchen cabinets ranges from $1,200 to $7,000, with additional costs for better paint quality, cabinet design and size, and painting method all affecting the total cost of the project.

Is it better to spray paint or brush paint kitchen cabinets?

#2 – Paint Sprayer – This is not only the fastest way to paint your cabinets, but it will also give you the best finish. Since you are spraying the paint on, there are no brush strokes. The finish won’t be as smooth as it would if you used a sprayer, but it will be much better than just using a paintbrush.

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