Question: What Are 3 Ways To Safely Store Knives??

There are three basic ways to store knives.

Wall-mounted magnetic strips, drawer inserts and countertop knife blocks.

Each solution is safe for knife storage when used correctly, and the right one for you depends largely on how your kitchen is configured.

Where Should knives be stored?

Store Your Knives Correctly

A designated knife storage space keeps your kitchen organized and also encourages a safe knife routine. When not in use, your knives should be stored out of the way of your work space. Simply putting your knife in a drawer is not safe for your workers or your knife.

Are knife blocks bad for knives?

Knife Block / Stand (Non-Magnetic)

Universal knife blocks can overcome some of those issues. If your knife block doesn’t come with your specific knife set, the pre-sized knife slots are may not fit your knives, especially if you do like we do, and acquire additional preferred knives outside the knife block set.

Can you store knives in rice?

The theory behind sticking a knife into a jar of rice is that the rice is kinder to the knife than a knife block, magnet, or drawer. So sticking your knives in a jar of rice should be almost like suspending them in air, preventing them from dulling. Problem is, there’s no way of keeping that rice both clean and dry.

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