Question: Can You Use Silicone On Stainless Steel??

Silicone caulk is a popular choice for use on nonporous surfaces, such as stainless steel, because the mica and clay used in silicone caulk adhere best to nonporous fixtures.

Remove silicone from your stainless steel sink in a few easy steps.

How do you caulk a stainless steel sink?



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How-to Install a Stainless Steel Drop-In Sink | Moen Installation


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What is the best caulk for kitchen sink?

Moen, maker of sinks and fixtures, recommends pure, 100% silicone sealant for undermount sink installation. Silicone sealants are designed for resilient flexibility and have good adhesive properties. If an ordinary caulk was used to seal the sink, it likely will fail relatively quickly.

How do you caulk behind a kitchen sink?



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How to Caulk a Kitchen Sink – YouTube


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