How Do I Restore The Shine To My Kitchen Cabinets??



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How To Refresh & Revitalize Wood Kitchen Cabinets Project


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How do you shine oak cabinets?

Hints From Heloise: Cleaning stained oak cabinets. The best way to clean them is to use the mildest solution first. Wash the cabinets with a microfiber cloth dipped in a mild solution of a vegetable-oil soap and warm water. Wipe going in the direction of the grain, then wipe with a clean cloth with water only and dry.

Can I paint over gloss kitchen cabinets?

Painting over glazed kitchen cabinets can be a difficult task if you fail to properly prepare for the project. As most people know, paint does not stick to the glaze; therefore, the glaze must be removed first. Then a good primer coat can be applied, along with the high gloss paint.

How can I make my wood cabinets shine?

Polish and Creams

For stained wood, apply a wood polish free of wax and silicone to a cloth and wipe to enhance your cabinet with a shine. For a natural product, mix 1/4-cup vinegar plus a few drops of olive oil and apply it with a flannel cloth. Buff the surface with a second clean cloth.

What is the best polish for kitchen cabinets?

The Best Furniture Polishes to Make Every Surface Shine

  • 1 Best Oil: Pledge Restore & Shine. Pledge.
  • 2 Best Aerosol: Guardsman Anytime Clean & Polish.
  • 3 Best Wax: Howard Feed-N-Wax Wood Polish.
  • 4 Best Wipe: Weiman Furniture Wipes.
  • 5 Best Duster: Twinkle Dust and Shine Cloth.
  • 6 Best Scratch Solution: Weiman Repair Kit.

How do you polish old kitchen cabinets?

Three Tips for Polishing Kitchen Cabinets

  1. Cleaning the Cabinets. Clean any your cabinets with warm, soapy water. Let the cabinets dry completely.
  2. Polishing the Cabinets. You can make your own polish by mixing 1 cup of olive oil and ½ cup of lemon juice in a spray bottle. Apply your furniture polish to a polishing cloth.

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