How Do I Remove A Kitchen Sink Flange??

  • Spray penetrating lubricant onto the threads between the securing nut and the drain flange.
  • Grab a pair of slip-join pliers, and stick the handles inside the drain cross piece.
  • Turn the securing nut under the sink counterclockwise with the pipe wrench.
  • Place a block of wood flat against the bottom of the drain flange.

How do you remove a stubborn kitchen strainer?

Unscrew the locknut

Use 16-in. slip-joint pliers or spud wrench to unscrew the kitchen sink strainer locknut. If the entire basket spins, insert the handles of a pliers into the strainer grate from above and stick a screwdriver between the handles to hold it still.

How do you remove an old kitchen sink drain?

Remove the Sink Strainer

Start by removing the pipes that are connected to the old sink strainer. Use channel-type pliers to loosen the slip nuts on the drain fittings, then pull the drain trap off the tailpiece of the sink strainer. After the nut has been removed, pull the old strainer out from the top of the sink.

How do you remove a kitchen sink basket strainer?



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How do you remove a stuck sink drain pipe?

Hold the P-trap pipe steady with a second pipe wrench. Turn the nut counterclockwise until it turns by hand. Pull the nut away from the house drain. Loosen and remove the nut holding the top of the P-trap to the bottom of the tailpipe, using both pipe wrenches.

How do you remove a locknut from a sink?

Place the sharp end of a chisel against one of the locknut tabs and gently hit the opposite end with a hammer. The chisel will begin to slice through the material, whether it is soft metal or plastic. Chisel away at the tabs, then use the chisel like a knife to cut up and down on the nut.

How do you loosen a stuck pipe fitting?

In many cases, though, it is possible to loosen the stuck plumbing fixture.

  1. Tighten the fixture or plumbing nut with a wrench or locking pliers to break the grip of the mineral deposits; then turn in the opposite direction to loosen it.
  2. Apply heat to the stuck fixture or plumbing nut with a hair dryer or heat gun.

How do you remove a stuck plastic lock nut?

How to Remove a Plastic Lock Nut

  • Unscrew any fasteners from the bolt on top of the lock nut.
  • Grip the lock nut in the jaws of pliers or a wrench, and gently turn it counter-clockwise at least one-eighth of a turn.
  • Grip the loosened lock nut between your thumb and forefinger, and unscrew it all the way.

How do you seal a kitchen sink drain?

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How do you fix a clogged kitchen sink drain?

All you need is one cup of baking soda and one cup of vinegar.

  1. First, pour boiling water down the drain. Then push the baking soda down the sink drain, using a spatula if necessary.
  2. Next, pour vinegar into the drain.
  3. Finally, flush the drain with boiling water again.

Can you use silicone instead of plumbers putty?

Also, silicone is not as easy you work with and is not as dense as plumber’s putty, so it’s not as good at filling wide gaps, and plumbers don’t need time to dry like caulk does.

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